My name is Zoltan Acs, many members of various internet communities know me as zorwick. This story started in 2011 when I made a design of the Lamina Nixie Clock. In 2012 the clock was published on After receiving plenty of emails, I sold the first clock and started to make some new pieces and design new models. Now we offer the original Lamina Nixie CLock for order and sale, however it is not always on stock. Using wood, plastic and metal among those beautiful Nixie tubes here at we offer other hand crafted models just click to the shop section. Custom designs, orders are available, feel free to send your questions to 

 Many customer asked if they can have similar box only what we use for the Lamina clocks. If you need just a custom wooden box, see the store. “Assemble yourself” custom sized boxes are available.

 If you wish to display your models, toys, dolls any collection items and you need easy and affordable solution to protect them see our acrylic box section to order an “assemble yourself” covers.